Andaman Islands were once used for penal punishment. Now however, the pristine secluded island is the perfect location for a serene beach vacation. Some fascinating marine life, lovely tranquil beaches, remnants of a Stone Age Culture, and intriguing colonial past is what sets this lovely Island apart.

The Andaman and Nicobar is actually an union territory that comprises of over 500 islands of which only 36 are inhabited mostly by the indigenous people. The Nicobar Islands are closed off to visitors, but there's plenty to do in the Andaman’s itself and it'll definitely leave you wanting to come back year after year. Its one of those places that has something to satisfy every kind of traveller. You can try out some adventure sports, the Island is well-renowned for diving, and even offers something called "ocean-walking", there are some lovely museums and historical sites, and you also have the complete freedom to just lie by the beaches and do nothing.

Flights are available from Chennai and Kolkata to Port Blair.