The Maldives are known for their natural beauty including the blue ocean and white beaches, accompanied by clean air.
The islands in the Maldives are small and low-lying with neither rivers nor mountains. Every atoll is formed by a coral reef, and a shallow lagoon encircle each island with a house reef giving the necessary protection. The islands have tropical castaway qualities: tall coconut palms, white sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons.
The climate of the Maldives is ideal for visitors to get engaged in water sports such as swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water-skiing. windsurfing and kite boarding.
Come to a lush, tropical island set in the shimmering waters of a shallow lagoon, ringed by a reef vibrant with marine life, its soft sand shaded by swaying palm fronds, the perfect vacation.
We have included the list of resorts and hotels in the Maldives and have categorised them to different types like, Luxury Resorts, Family Resorts, Dive Resorts and Budget Resorts.

Activities in Maldives

Diving :Whale Submarine Maldives
Maldives consists 99% of water. Whale Submarine Maldives gives you the opportunity to experience Maldives in a unique way. Perfect for those wanting to witness Maldives’ magical underwater, without getting wet.
Whale submarine dives in every 90 minutes DAY and NIGHT, starting 9am until 8pm.
If you stay in a resort/hotel that provides Whale Submarine as an in-house excursion, you can do booking through them.
If your resort/hotel does not provide this service you can directly contact Whale Submarine Maldives and they will make arrangements to pick you up from the resort, provided that you are staying at a close by resort.
We can also arrange this for you.
If you are staying at a far awayresort join Whale Submarine dive when you arrive at the airport, for your departure.
If your flight is at 12pm you can join Whale Submarine’s 9am dive, and if you are leaving late in the evening, Whale Submarine have the evening dive for you.


When you make booking through the resort/hotel you will be transferred directly to the submarines floating dry-dock called ‘Whale House’.
If you are a departure passenger you may check-in to Whale Submarine’s airport counter located at the arrival hall. Here you may leave your luggage with Whale Submarine’s staff and board Whale Submarine’s transfer vessel to the dive site. The ride out to the dive site will take approximately 20 minutes. The transfer vessel transfers you to Whale Submarine’s ‘Whale House’ on the dive site. A special area in the ‘Whale House’ is designated for passengers and here you will be served refreshments and wet tissues.
Ticketing. While you relax on the ‘Whale House’, Whale Submarine’s ticketing staff will issue the tickets. Payments have to be made direct to the counter here and all major credit cards are accepted. Once the tickets are issued you will board the submarine. There is no restroom on the submarine and therefore you are requested to use the restroom on the’ Whale House’ before boarding the submarine.


While you relax on the ‘Whale House’, Whale Submarine’s ticketing staff will issue the tickets. Payments have to be made direct to the counter here and all major credit cards are accepted. Once the tickets are issued you will board the submarine. Please note, there is NO restroom on the submarine and therefore you are requested to use the restroom on the’ Whale House’ before boarding the submarine.

The Dive:

On board the submarine you will descend to a submerged reef 40 meters beneath the surface. However the first stop is at 25 meters where you will see a colorful display of corals and different types of reef fish. In most of the dives the submarine is greeted by a school of blue or yellow-striped Snappers.
Common Lion fish, Yellow Box Fish and turtles are usually found here. Next stop at 40 meters is yet another type of coral garden and depending on current the submarine will be beached on a sandy spot just close to a big cave. The exterior lights of the submarine will enable you to see the different types of fish taking shelter inside the cave.
Occasionally White Tip Reef Sharks and Napoleons are sighted here. If you are lucky you may be able to see one of the biggest Groupers in the Maldives here on this location. This 2 meter long Giant Grouper frequents this area and is totally devoid of fear for the submarine. In many dives she has come close to the view-ports and showed the passengers its gaping mouth with unevenly arranged razor sharp teeth.
Depending on time of the day, current and many other factors the submarine may dive on some historical sites such as a shipwreck or a more exciting place like a shark feeding area or just another beautiful reef. Before the dive begins the crew inside the submarine would give you a briefing on that particular dive site.
If you are joining a night dive watch closely for the sleeping manta rays as the Whale Submarine’s powerful exterior lights lit the whole area.
Make sure you take your camera with you and never miss any surprise encounter with a shark or maybe a giant grouper or the protected Napoleon’s now feared for extinction.
After a breath-taking 45 minutes dive the submarine will ascent to the surface. The transfer vessel will be there to pick you up immediately after the dive and you will be dropped to Malé, the Airport or back to your resort. The whole tour will take approximately less than 3 hours.


The surfing season in the Maldives depends on the Atolls, but most of the archipelago is good for surfing from April till October, yet March and November are also good and have the best weather.
Maldives has some of the best waves in the world. This country has 1192 islands and endless surf breaks.
There are some great surfing spots in the country, but just a few are easily accessible from resorts. The best breaks are on the outer reefs on the southeast sides of the atolls.
Most of the spots are very close to each other, so finding good surf is easy. The best way to reach them is, no doubt, by boat. Some of them are nameless and yet to be found especially in Central and South Atolls.
The best thing about the boat trip in the Maldives is the feeling of discovery, surfing perfect waves with no crowd in the water. Just you and your friends. Please note that you can only have this experience in Central and South Atolls. Male Atolls can be quite crowded, especially between May and August.

Luxury Resorts

  1. AnantaraKihavah Villas
  2. Ayada Maldives
  3. Baros Maldives
  4. Cheval Blanc Randheli
  5. Coco Palm BoduHithi
  6. Conrad Maldives
  7. Dusit Thani Maldives
  8. Four Seasons KudaHuraa
  9. Four Seasons LandaaGiravanu
  10. GiliLankanfushi
  11. HuvafenFushi
  12. Jumeirah Dhevanafushi
  13. Jumeirah Vittaveli
  14. Niyama Maldives
  15. One & Only Reethi Rah
  16. Park Hyatt Maldives
  17. Shangri La’sVillingli
  18. Six Senses Laamu
  19. SonevaFushi by Six Senses
  20. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa
  21. The Beach House at lruveli
  22. The Residence Maldives
  23. Viceroy Maldives
  24. W Retreat
  25. ZitahliKudaFunaFaru

Good House Reef

  1. Adaaran Club Rannalhi
  2. Adaaran Prestige Vadoo
  3. AngsanaThuru
  4. Banayan Tree Vabbintaru
  5. Bandos Island Resort
  6. CentaraRasfushi
  7. Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo
  8. Coco Palm DhuniKolhu
  9. Conrad Maldives
  10. Constance Halaveli
  11. Constance Moofushi
  12. Dusit Thani Maldives
  13. Eriyadu Island Resort
  14. Filitheyo Island Resort
  15. Fun Island Resort
  16. Helengeli Island Resort
  17. Lily Beach Resort & Spa
  18. Mirihi Island Resort
  19. Nika Island Resort
  20. Park Hyatt Hadahaa
  21. Reethi Beach
  22. Robinson Club
  23. Shanri la’sVillingili
  24. SonevaFushi by Six Senses
  25. Vakarufalhi Island Resort
  26. Vilamendhoo Island Resort
  27. Vilu Reef Beach & Spa
  28. Vivanta by Taj Carol Reef
  29. W Retreat

Diving Resort

  1. Ayada Maldives
  2. Bandos Island Resort
  3. Biyadhoo Island Resort
  4. Cntara Grand Maldives
  5. Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo
  6. Conrad Maldives
  7. Dusit Thani Maldives
  8. Equator Village – Gan
  9. Eriyadu Island Resort
  10. Fun Island Resort
  11. Holiday Island Resort
  12. Jumeirah Vittaveli
  13. Kihaad Maldives
  14. Kuramathi Island Resort
  15. Lily Beach Resort & Spa
  16. Lux Maldives
  17. Madoogali Island Resort
  18. Nika Island
  19. Olhuveli Beach & Spa
  20. Palm Beach Resort
  21. Paradise Island Resort
  22. Park Hyatt Hadahaa
  23. Sun Island Resort
  24. Vilamendhoo Island Resort


  1. AnantaraDhigu Maldives
  2. AnantaraKihavah Vilas
  3. AnantaraVeli Maldives
  4. AngsanaIhuru
  5. AngsanaVelavaru
  6. Bandos island Resort
  7. Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru
  8. CentaraRasfushi
  9. Cocoa Island
  10. Conrad Maldives
  11. Constance Moofushi
  12. Dusit Thani Maldives
  13. Four Season KudaHuraa
  14. Four Seasons LandaaGiravaru
  15. GiliLankanfushi
  16. Huvafenfushi
  17. Irufushi Beach & Spa
  18. Island Hideway at Dhunikolhu
  19. Jumeirah Dhevanafushi
  20. Jumeirah Vittaveli
  21. Khanuhura Maldives
  22. Lily Beach Resorts & Spa
  23. Lux Maldives
  24. Maafushivaru Maldives
  25. One & Only Reethi Rah
  26. Paradise Island Resort
  27. Royal Island Resort
  28. Shangri La’sVillingili Resort
  29. Sonevafushi by Six Senses
  30. Taj Exotica Resort
  31. The Beach House at Iruveli
  32. W Retreat
  33. ZitahiKudafunaFaru


  1. AnantarKivavhVils
  2. AnantaraVeli Maldives
  3. AngsanaIhuru
  4. AngsanaVelavaru
  5. Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru
  6. Baros Maldives
  7. CentaraRssfushi
  8. Coco Palm BoduHithi
  9. Coco Palm DhuniKolhu
  10. Constance Halaveli
  11. Constance Moofushi
  12. Dusit Thani Maldives
  13. Four Seasons KudaHuraa
  14. Four Seasons LandaaGiravaru
  15. GiliLankanfushi
  16. Huvafensfushi
  17. Island Hideaway at Dhunikolhu
  18. Jumeirah Dhenanafushi
  19. Kanuhura Maldives
  20. Lux Maldives
  21. Maafushivaru Maldives
  22. Nika Island Resort
  23. Niyama Maldives
  24. One & Only Reethi Rah
  25. Shangri La’sVillingili Resort
  26. Sonevafushi by Six Senses
  27. Taj Exotica resort
  28. The Beach House at Iruveli
  29. Velassaru
  30. Viceroy Maldives
  31. ViluRech Beach & SPA
  32. W Retreat
  33. ZitahiKudaFunaFaru

Exclusive 5* Deluxe

  1. Banyan Tree Maldives
  2. Coco Palm KudaHithi
  3. Naladu Maldives
  4. Safari Island
  5. The Rania Experience
  6. Velaa Private Maldives

New Resorts

    • Cheval Blanc
    • Kanifushi
    • Loama Maldives
    • Velaa Private Maldives

Family Holidays

  1. AnantaraDhigu
  2. AnantaraKihavahVilias
  3. Ayada Maldives
  4. Bandos island Resort
  5. Centara Grand Maldives
  6. Conrad Maldives
  7. Constance halaveli
  8. Dusit Thani Maldives
  9. Filitheyo Island Resort
  10. Holiday Inn Kandooma
  11. Irufushi Beach & SPA
  12. Island Hideaway at Dhunikolhu
  13. Jumeirah Vittaveli
  14. Kanuhura Maldives
  15. Kuramathi Island Resort
  16. Kuredu Island Resort
  17. Kurumba Maldives
  18. Lux Maldives
  19. Medhufushi Island Resort
  20. Nika Island
  21. One & Only Reethi Rah
  22. Palm Beach Resort
  23. Paradise Island Resort
  24. Shangri la’sVillingili
  25. Sheraton Maldives
  26. SonevaFushi by Six Senses
  27. Sun Island Resort
  28. The Residence Maldives

All Inclusive

  1. Adaaran Club Rannalhi
  2. Adaaran Prestige Vadoo
  3. Adaaran Prestige Water Vilas
  4. Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi
  5. Adaaran Select Meedhupparu
  6. Centara Grand Maldives
  7. Chaaya Lagoon HakuraaHuraa
  8. Constance Moofushi
  9. Diamonds Athuruga
  10. Diamonds Thundufushi
  11. Equator Village – Gan
  12. Kanifushi
  13. Kihaad Maldives
  14. Lily Beach Resort & Spa

Budget Resorts

  1. Bandos Island Resort
  2. Biyadhoo Island Resort
  3. Embudu Village
  4. Equator Village – Gan
  5. Eriyadu Island Resort
  6. Fihalhohi Island Resort
  7. Fun Island Resort
  8. Holiday Island Resort
  9. Kuredu Island Resort
  10. Madoogali Island Resort
  11. Meeru Island Resort
  12. Paradise Island Resort
  13. Ranveli Village
  14. Reethi Beach
  15. Summer Island
  16. Sun Island Resort
  17. Velidhu Island Resort
  18. Vilamendhoo Island Resort

Groups & Conferences

  1. Bandos Island Resort
  2. Kurumba Maldives
  3. Lux* Maldives
  4. Paradise Island Resort
  5. Sheraton Maldives
  6. Sun Island Resort

City Hotels

  1. Coral Hotel
  2. Hulhule Island Hotel
  3. Kam Hotel
  4. Marble Hotel
  5. Mokai Hotel
  6. Nalahiya Hotel
  7. Relax Inn
  8. Sala boutique
  9. Traders Hotel

Top 10 Resorts in Maldives

  1. AnantaraKihaavh Vilas
  2. Cheval Blanc
  3. Conrad Maldives
  4. Four Seasons KudaHuraa / Four Seasons LandaaGiravaru
  5. Huvafenfushi
  6. Jumeirah Dhevanafushi / Jumeirah Vittaveli
  7. Niyama Maldives
  8. One & Only Reethi Rah
  9. SonevaFushi by Sex senses
  10. W Retreat