India is one of the most known M.I.C.E. destination with the concept whereby people from world over visit India for their Business and meeting needs.

Major metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Cochin constitute the Indian business hub whereas ideal MICE locations consist of a number of hill stations, resorts, beaches, heritage forts and a lot more.

Apart from the colourful culture and diversity, the blend of India's beauty, heritage, vibrancies and technology offer an edge to the country as a favourable MICE country.

We specialize in Conference management services for a large number of National and International companies. Right from choice of venue, location, ambience, food to on-site registration, co-ordination and arrangement, we take care of every minute detail. Our professional team will oversee the marketing sales and operation of your convention & trade shows. Whether your event includes full-scale exhibitors or is limited to tabletop displays. We provide the perfect execution.

We share excellent working relations with hotels, airlines, convention centers and other professionals in the tourism sector. We also have a fleet of our own vehicles. Our dedicated travel personnel and hospitality staff are geared up to provide the gamut of travel services from itinerary management to reception and departure assistance.

Why Coterie

  • Specialized event management and conferences
  •  Time bound planning and execution of respective activities.
  •  Professional operations.
  • Delivering excellence
  • Earning repeat clientele.

Coterie understands what it takes to ensure success of a meeting or conference and can help businesses better manage their travel programme. Our on-ground presence across all major cities and airports enables us to provide seamless travel services which are ‘tailor-made’ to suit industry specific business requirements.

Coterie advantage

Hotels and Service Providers Relationship
Coterie works closely with hotels, resorts and travel related service providers. We ensure that our clients get best offers for their travel requirements. Handling a large volume of transactions gives us the advantage of better negotiation, and ultimately means that we can deliver better value to our clients.

Simplify Processes:
Coterie leads to deliver simplified as well as optimum solutions at all times.

National wide reach
We have the capability to assist you for country wide meetings.

Response Time and accuracy
Coterie gives accurate information and swift response to every need and situation. That brings essence of success and that’s where our immense experience gives us great capability.

Pre and Post Tours
For the accompanying delegates, we have countless plans to keep them busy all through the day. We believe that no meeting or conference in India is complete unless delegates have had a chance to explore the nation’s culture and heritage, or indulge in some shopping. No matter which venue you choose, there are always exciting conducted pre & post tour ready to take off to the nearest places of interest.